Watch Erica Sunshine Lee's brand new music video filmed in Newcastle, Australia, for her 2nd pop single "PSYCHO"...

Music and lyrics written by Erica Sunshine Lee, produced by Mark Burch (Nashville, TN), and video directed and produced by Aussie Matt Gill.

"Sunshine sounds like Lady A meets Leann Rimes w/ a dash of Faith Hill"

Southern Amendment is one release that certainly doesn’t disappoint. This is artist that brings to the table effective songwriting via a highly marketable musical delivery. This meshed with a one in a million country-rock sound and effective visuals and vocals makes for a very effective combination no doubt. Lee is just a breath away from modern folk or even singer-songwriter genera but skillfully and methodically never crosses the line into either realm. All songs are wonderfully simple but masterful in their overall arrangements. Very relatable and powerful stories, lyrics and subject matter. Music reminded me of a cross between Lady Antebellum and LeAnn Rimes with just a dash of Faith Hill. Mind you Lee is not just a pretty face, she is a very capable singer within her own right. During my research she is clearly doing all the right things as a Female country artist. This EP is quite entertaining overall with an amazing vocal front of Erica Sunshine Lee who is a musical triple threat in my mind. She is a world class songwriter; she has an amazing voice and has likeable appeal (visually and vocally). Her lyrical content is straight from the heart and offers a very strong and confident female perspective and spirit. This doesn’t mean many males won’t love her as well because I did. All song do exactly what they are meant to do via well-crafted movements and top tiered musicianship. The overall production value is superb with a crystal clear sound quality. Most Marketable Tracks: Leaving Atlanta, Mud on my Boots, Girls with Guns.

Conclusion: Erica Sunshine Lee has proven herself again with this latest release. She is clearly an up and coming talent around Southern Georgia and all band members backing her up are clearly capable musicians. I must admit Southern Amendment sucked me in like a powerful drug and refused to let go long after the EP was over. This usually indicates he is something special about the artist or band in question. Thus deserving praise, recognition and musical fame at the international level.



"This this is not just a labor of lust and testament to the classic Sex, Drugs and Rock n’ Roll, it’s a sweeping voluminous record that hits on many levels. Lee has taken a page from the script of many mega artists and turned it inside out, inside out and quite literally breathed a whole new life into this style of music. Instead of dated sounding songs and an obvious homage paid to the music and musical ideals of the past this is an action packed blast from the past that goes everywhere from country to full tilt rocking blues, and even Americana-Rock. This latest 5 Track collection delivers an uncharacteristic fusion of melodic vocals, and rock solid musicianship and production techniques, with a limber rhythm section that keeps the music loose yet powerful… and HIGHLY addictive and hooky..."Click here to read the entire article by VENTS MAGAZINE!

Lee's a breath of fresh air, robust, rugged, hard hitting, full and has character!"

"Lee’s vocals are a breath of fresh air; there are so many pop country female singers on the radio today that have super high registers and that yodel-like quality to their voices, not Erica Sunshine Lee. Lee’s voice is somewhat reminiscent of Shania Twain, it actually has presence to it, it is robust, rugged, and has way better performance in lower registers than most of the other female country singers on the market today. Instead of something airy and soft, Lee delivers a voice that is hard hitting, full, and most important to the sake of country music, sounds like it has actually been through the experiences the music talks about. What Lee’s vocals have in these tracks, no matter what type of song she is performing, is character. Modern country radio needs more character." Click here to read full article:

- Owen Matheson, Band Blurb

"THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN" (post South Carolina Flood)Lyrics video

Y'all please DONATE to the flood victims if you can (or send water)...please share this, and keep the South Carolina victims in your prayers as they get through this hard time...many lost everything...
"THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN" - Erica Sunshine Lee


Artist Erica Sunshine Lee recently released her NEW EP titled “Southern Amendment” back in April of this year and I am very proud to write about this release. I realize that I’m a bit late with this review yet the EP is so good that I felt it was better late than never. Erica is making a name for herself in country music not only as a performer but also a very gifted song writer. The EP has a total of 5 songs on it that I must admit are all worthy of your listening time and well worth the spend of just $4.95 via I-Tunes.

I’ve worked with and known numerous artist over the years that had good work ethic and knowledge of the industry yet Erica ranks at the very top, thus why she is one of the many “who to watch” in country music.

The EP has her usual traditional style and is characterized by productions that feel beautifully organic for each song with a true and honest country style and spirit. This is not to say they are all as openly organic as “Mud On My Boots” or “Drinking and Praying” and for proof look at the arrangement of “Another Sad Love Song”. 

Usually, one has right to be concerned about the quality of vocals on country albums today; however, one thing that can always be assured by Erica is regardless of whether it be a sorrowful ballad “Another Sad Love Song” she sounds excellent.

Two of the best tracks are “Mud On My Boots” and “Girls With Guns”. “Drinking and Praying” has the distinction of being the most real life track on the album with a pulsating tempo that lends a sense of here to read the full article!


Gashouse Radio says Erica Sunshine Lee is "a breath of fresh air"

Erica Sunshine Lee – Southern Amendment URL:

“Southern Amendment” EP by Erica Sunshine Lee was released in 2015. This is her 6th Studio Album to date. Straight away it’s clear an EP like this delivers an imaginative return to classic Americana-Country sung to us by a beautiful female with a girl next door persona. Also present are Country-Pop-driven melodies with the better musical touches of Americana-Pop. Lee reminds me of a cross between Trisha Yearwood and more cutting edge Kelly Clarkson and Miranda Lambert. Citing from her bio regarding this EP: SOUTHERN AMENDMENT contains raw stories about going to great lengths to protect what’s yours, whether it’s your lover, your home or yourself. This album has interwoven morals of redemption and forgiveness, and Erica Sunshine Lee’s point of view on staying together, being a strong female, independence as she sets out on the road, and personal insights to how hard it can be to hold onto a relationship, through life’s ups and downs. This southern belle has the right to remain silent, but speaks the truth, and believes in protecting her man, herself, and her belief in God.

Today’s music has many people feeling of bit of soullessness – how appropriate I get an EP like this. The album begins in hooky fashion with the magnificent grand slam opener ‘Mud on My Boots” which is a crisp raid on the senses, laden with hooks and impressive vocal delivery from Lee. The only surprise is that it wasn’t a single, as it is radio friendly of the highest order. ‘Another Sad Love Song” follows and is a pleasant journey through a wise life lesson. The harmonies beautifying what could have been a stark number.

Click here to read the full article!


From the beginning to end “Southern Amendment” gives you a musical love/life anthem with a string of catchy songs and hooky “let it all hang out” vibe that will keep the listener entertained. Also present are messages that are uplifting and a vibe that is unmistakably vintage Erica Sunshine Lee....She provides and a warm and captivating vocal timbre overall. Country, Southern Fried Rock, Blues, and traditional Soul Rock even contemporary Singer/Songwriter. Some pieces I really like are the red hot opener “Mud on My Boots” with its amazing message, and “Another Sad Love Song” and “Guns with Girls” expand the possibilities for Lee as a possible radio hit in the making. If you like artists like Miranda Lambert to Faith Hill you will like Erica Sunshine Lee.CLICK HERE for full article!


BRAND NEW SONG "I DO" available now on iTunes, Amazon, and CDBaby!

Erica Sunshine Lee's brand new single "I DO" is now available on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby and across the world.For your personal copy, paypal $.99 to and receive your DOWNLOAD Directly! "A sweet, sincere love song, that can be enjoyed at any style wedding around the globe." I DO iTunes Now Available-2 written by Erica Sunshine Lee, Produced by Mark Burch, Photo by Susan Munroe, & Artwork by Jerry Holthouse.


SOUTHERN AMENDMENT Just as she’s always done, Erica Sunshine Lee mixes her southern roots country with power chords and power lyrics in her latest EP “Southern Amendment”.

This, Lee’s fifth studio album, may only be a five song EP, but every song on it is worth two in today’s world of female-less country music. Her hard-hitting lyrics mixed with attitude and fun make Lee one of the most successful independent female artists in country music. In 2014, she was named Georgia’s Female Artist of the Year, and this EP only justifies that accolade.

The first track of Southern Amendment is “Mud on My Boots”, a girl-gone-bad song of which many females can relate. The lyrics tell the story of a woman who finds her man and another woman cheating, but rather than be angry at her boyfriend/husband, she takes her anger out on the woman. “There’s two more bricks at the bottom of the lake…I got mud on my boots, blood on my hands, ain’t nobody gonna take my man” suggests she has given the woman a pair of new shoes – of the cement brand. Later in the song we learn she was caught in the act, and met her maker at the end of a 9-mm handgun before taking her final resting spot at the bottom of the lake.

The next song tells of a love on the rocks, but Lee is fighting to keep her love alive as much as the couple is fighting with one another. Becoming “Another Sad Love Song” is the where the relationship is headed, but not if she can help it. The lyrics take over in this one, and they don’t disappoint, “Here we go again, breaking up and then make amends. Knuckles turning white, I’m holding on for dear life…” hints that she’s holding on as tight as rodeo cowboys do their bulls. Based on the fact nobody thinks they’re gonna make it, if the love lasts longer than 8 seconds, she can call it a success.

Track 3 slows us way down, and Lee shows off her demanding vocals in “Leaving Atlanta”. Her smooth tone takes us on the trip from Atlanta to her destination in California. Her southern twang comes out most in the bridge, and the perfection is reminiscent of Sara Evans. This song keeps you coming back to it for those special vocals.

Picking up the pace a little bit in “Girls With Guns”, Lee takes us back to her attitude side. She really likes 9-mm handguns, apparently. “With aim like this, who needs mace?” Lee asks. I’m sure many women in the South can relate to their father teaching them to hunt and defend themselves. The guitar solo comes in just as the story progresses to someone breaking into the home, and the song climaxes when she gives the intruder one last warning:

“Don’t mess with Texas or girls with guns.” CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE...

ESL'S 6th studio album "SOUTHERN AMENDMENT" now available for DOWNLOAD!


Thanks to Ashley Rivera for co-writing "GIRLS WITH GUNS" & Kirstie Marie Lovelady for co-writing "DRINKING AND PRAYING" Special thanks to Gregg Lohman on drums, Mark Burch for producing and engineering the album, Buddy Hyatt for producing "Leaving Atlanta", Kelly James Schoenfeld for engineering "Leaving Atlanta", Chip Martin for producing, engineering and playing Guitar/Bass on "Another Sad Love Song", Mark Le Mon for the photography, Miranda Caroligne for the awesome wardrobe, Stephanie Rjaile for makeup, & Jerry Holthouse for the album artwork! #southernamendment #ericasunshinelee #saladgate #femalecountryartist #gacountry #girlsWithGuns #leavingAtlanta #mudonmyboots #drinkingandpraying #anothersadlovesong

Erica Sunshine Lee releases new EP "SOUTHERN AMENDMENT"

Erica Sunshine Lee exercises her right to speech and bear arms in her new "SOUTHERN AMENDMENT" EP(the GA Country Female Artist of the Year's 6th album), featuring her fan favorite "GIRLS WITH GUNS."  The southern rock grit brings to life her real country upbringing, taunting trespassers to BEWARE if they DARE!  The album kicks off with an uptempo rocking banjo number about jealousy and pushing a wife over the edge to do whatever she has to do, including kill, to keep her man.  The catchiness and 'danceability' of track two is undeniable, where Lee brilliantly claims she wants to work it out and hang on to love, no matter what she has to do, because she doesn't want to become 'Another Sad Love Song.'  Leaving Atlanta is a somber ballad that can bring tears to even the most stone cold soul, as she loads down her car to head out west, but is torn between her past and future.

Girls with Guns would make any Texan proud, and any female for that matter, to defend themselves, and, not that Sunshine is claiming violence, but rather the need to protect her home and herself at all costs.  This well rounded EP concludes with an exceptionally honest country tune, bearing all, and her vulnerability with alcohol, stating she had begun to lean on the bottle instead of the Bible, after some years of straying to a less than reliable source, and has now turned her focus back to God.  Erica Sunshine Lee is a true prolific songwriter, bringing meaning in every word and soul in every note, captivating the essence of a story, which is what country music is all about, right?

Download "SOUTHERN AMENDMENT" now on iTunes and listen to what country radio has been missing!

~Orsley Entertainment


Erica Sunshine Lee returns to San Francisco's Legendary Great American Music Hall on APRIL 17th

ERICA SUNSHINE LEE RETURNS TO SAN FRANCISCO'S LEGENDARY GREAT AMERICAN MUSIC HALL ON APRIL 17, 2015 Great American Music HallPhoto by Mark Le Mon Album Design by Jerry Holthouse Poster Design by Misisipi Mike

Don't miss Erica Sunshine Lee's band headlining at the most historical venue in the city of San Francisco, California on April 17th.  This special night of Americana/Country in the city by the Bay kicks off with the Vivants Duo, followed by the mesmerizing tunes from The Ardent Sons, and then We Became Owls brings the powerful lyrics and Americana Pop edge to the stage, and ending the night is 2014's Georgia Country Female Artist of the Year.  With her sassy "don't mess with me" attitude and songs about real life, revenge, dirty secrets, deep southern roots, and heartache, Erica Sunshine Lee is an International touring superstar, winning fans around the globe with her catchy hooks and infectious melodies.  

On the heels of her 4th Australian tour, promoting her top 20 single "You Saved Me" down under, Erica Sunshine Lee returns to the Bay Area on April 17th, where she called home for over 9 years and first started her Country/Rock Band.  Following her 7th annual tour in Honolulu, Hawaii, this prolific songwriter returns to this Victorian venue, accompanied by three other incredible San Francisco local bands for a night of Country in the City."  After the GAMH, Sunshine will be making her second annual appearance at BMI's Key West Songwriter's Festival in May, then returning for her 3rd European tour in June (recently scoring her 3 Top 10 European singles), and returning to the U.S. to open for Country's dynamic newcomer, Brett Eldredge, this summer at "The World's Largest Music Festival: SUMMERFEST" in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on July 5th. 

To get your tickets to see Erica Sunshine Lee on April 17th, CLICK HERE!

GAMH flier SF april 17, 2015

Erica Sunshine Lee joins Nashville's OUT-WRITE MUSIC PUBLISHING


Out-Write Music:



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Our Staff:


Brandyn Steen - Operations | Creative Director | Brandyn@OutWriteMusic.Com

Adam Roberts Business Manager | Investments | Adam@OutWriteMusic.Com

Shane Barrett - Songplugger


"This girl can SING!" -Sleeping Bag Studios gives RAVE REVIEW for ESL's 5th album!

Erica Sunshine Lee – The South Will Rise Again – Album Review


You know…sometimes just a few words can make the entire difference…

That would be the case in this late-night review coming out on the music of Erica Sunshine Lee; I didn’t know her to look anything different than these very words that you’re looking at onscreen here now. I was lucky enough to chat briefly with Erica as I received this album, and by chat I mean of course a paragraph or so of text from this future country-music star. Giving some brief insight into the album and the songs, much of this was inspired by the tornados that have stricken the U.S., but more-so the ability for all of us to come together in the face of tragedy. The idea of getting back out there…and carrying on; rebuilding.

This was all compelling backstory…but it was the humble, sweet nature of this ‘country-girl’ that was impressing me…something about the way she was relating the story. She might hate me for quoting this here…but here goes anyway….

…”Real life and real stories are what I write…”

Now…I have relatively very little experience as a country-girl. Nearly 99.9% of the time, my bearded face and ruffles of chest-hair seem to give me away. But you want to know what’s REALLY strange? Not only am I typically NOT a country-music fan…but I really like what I’m hearing from Erica Sunshine Lee. The way she’s put forth her experiences from the last two years of her life into the lyrics of this record, well, I feel like if I close my eyes I can truly imagine through her words was it WOULD be like to be a country-girl…

That being said, there are definitely two sides to Erica Sunshine Lee. You’ve got the energetic pop/country tracks of the modern day, and you’ve also got a lot of completely authentic songs that hearken back to the country-classics of old. In any of these cases, Erica is literally flawless. She’s currently based in Nashville yes; but let’s just say there’s not a single shred of evidence upon the album that would give you a clue as to otherwise – this is as Nashville as Nashville gets! And by that, I mean that, as much as I LOVE the music that comes from that place…they’re in a lot of ways playing with a limited word-count; much of what you’ll hear from Erica Sunshine Lee are concepts that you’d expect to exist within country-music. And with THAT being said…who honestly cares when it all comes out this incredibly anyhow? As I had mentioned in the recent review on Chris Weaver Band, clichés can exist for plenty of valid reasons…and generally those occurring in music are experienced by many and represented by only a few voices from a stereo speaker. Sometimes when we need to hear them the most, even though we might have heard that advice before, because these themes are often repetitive in ANY genre, not just hers, it exists for us when we need it the most because we STILL need to hear it.

That’s real life right Erica Sunshine Lee? Believe me – you’ll hear it on this album, it’s undeniable just how much these songs truly are based in her real life experience. What’s completely NOT ‘real-life’ – are these incredible performances she gives, or the hooks that she’s written. Erica is truly a superstar in the making, and an honorary resident of the Nashville scene by now I have no doubt.

Why? Cause modern-day country-fans you LOVE songs like “Girls Night Out,” and she starts the album off with high-energy and catchy hooks right off the bat. But don’t even TRY to tell me that you don’t love that stuff country-people! YOU DO SO. Songs like “Holler If You’re Blue Collar,” could just as easily be the equivalent of a “Save The Horse” music-craze, of this I have no doubt.   Haven’t had enough yet? NO – you haven’t! I know it and so do YOU. So go listen to “All My Bucks Go To Starbucks,” and get yourself through the drive-thru on the way to work. “How Bout Them Dawgs?”

What surprised me…was how authentic some of these other tunes came out…how amazing some of the tones she created were and what a sincere and honest performance she gives throughout. I mean seriously – this girl can SING, and she’s got the best of the best making music to back these songs…it’s all coming out perfectly.

The South Will Rise Again, and more than likely demand an encore if she wants to continue on making music with as much heart, quality and enthusiasm as she clearly is. The title-track of this album…is just flat-out phenomenal. Don’t even question me on it, just go and listen, even if you’re not a country fan…there’s so much sorrow, pain, emotion, love, redemption…it’s like an entire Nicholas Sparks movie-plot within one song, all based from her real-life experience. It’s hard not to hear this as the major highlight of the album…it’s like a flawless diamond…or staring into a nebula or something else extraordinarily beautiful. Erica is nailing it here, in a performance strong even to bring in crossover fans, just like myself now. This captivating song and powerhouse of emotion is a real strength on this album, and certainly spotlights the incredible song-writing of Erica Sunshine Lee.

The track that might have impressed me more than any other on this album…was “Maybe That’s When You’ll Notice I’m Gone.” Now…I’ve already said this many times, you know I’m not a country-music fan overall…and that’s an important distinction to make, the ‘overall’ part. I have listened, and will always listen, to the best of the best in any genre…any of those famous greats are truly legends and my list is never-ending of the people I’m thankful for blazing the trail for us all. But one of those greats…is certainly the timeless music of Dolly Parton herself…and I know I’m not crazy when I hear a young Dolly here in Erica’s voice on this song. She confirmed it for me when she followed it with “Drinking For Two.” That song also reminds me of Dolly’s tender tremble in her voice…Erica has amazing control over her vocals and knows how to get the most out of every note. But like people knew with Dolly Parton long before it all actually happened for her…much the same I believe could be true of Erica Sunshine Lee…I really think we’re possibly witnessing the early days of a massive country superstar in the future to come. And if these are her starting blocks, she’s going to have a very short walk to fame and stardom.

Lastly…I’ll comment on the genius track that is “Chunky Dunk.” This is about the most amazing inclusion I’ve ever heard on an album of this caliber. Seriously…if this doesn’t speak to just how ‘real’ of an artist Erica truly is, I don’t know what else could. Any pretentious bullshit country-star would have NEVER had the courage to include this on such a pristine and beautiful album. This song sounds like a basement-demo…and MAN is it refreshing to hear someone of this extreme talent just take a moment out of the stadium to have a very real moment with all of us.

I gotta say Erica Sunshine Lee…you get a big thumbs up from me. I’m not about to go out and get myself a cowboy hat anytime soon…but there’s certainly nothing that’s going to stop me from talking about YOU when someone asks me what AMAZING country-music I’ve come across through my work at sleepingbagstudios. I’ll bend the rest of the ears you don’t reach yourself my friend…but from what I’m hearing on this album, well…I think you’ll do just fine getting their attention on your own. This entire album is one huge, massive hit-single all packed into one.


Erica Sunshine Lee performs @ The TAMWORTH COUNTRY MUSIC FESTIVAL 2015

Well after 14 shows this week, I had a great time performing at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, for the 3rd year at Australia's Largest Music Festival! Thanks to The Albert Hotel, The PUB, Longyard Hotel, The Frog and Toad Convention Center, The Services Club, Peel River Gardens and the Fanzone Stage. Thanks to Mitchell Shadlow for the awesome performances, guitar playing, being my taxi and best mate. Thanks to my band and to all the fans for showing up and supporting live original country music!  Thank you Wendy for hosting us at the villa, to the Viper Creek Band for the guest spot at the Longyard singing our duet "YOU SAVED ME", and the hilarious and talented performer Bob Corbett for the impromptu jam at the PUB! I'm so excited to announce today WJO is releasing my first Australian single: "YOU SAVED ME!"  Download now on iTunes, and request at your local Australian country music station! Here's the music video shot in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia by the amazing Matt Gill: My HIGHLIGHTS THIS YEAR @ TAMWORTH aside from performing, were seeing the ADAM ECKERSLEY BAND (winners of the Golden Guitar for Best New Band), hearing the Viper Creek Band rock out the Longyard, writing songs with the amazing Garrett Kato (Canadian, now Byron Bay singer/songwriter with the most amazing voice), the incredible Melbourne based Waz E. Band - whose accordian player was insane, and Texas Native Doug Bruce, who made me so proud to be a country singer. There are so many other bands I didn't get to see because of my rigorous schedule, but I also found the best restaurant in Tamworth, the hidden gem called "THE SQUARE MAN INN," and the food was so decadent and homemade, in addition to the coziest and most scenic ambiance. Thank you again to all the folks who came to the festival and made this week so much fun, and I will forever remember these shows and all the people who made an effort to come see and hear me play in this awesome country!  Hope to be back next year! Sincerely, Sunshine :) Erica Sunshine Lee @ Tamworth Fanzone Erica Sunshine Lee Tamworth 2015 keg pic Tamworth 2015 fans THE PUB esl Erica Sunshine Lee @ Tamworth 2015 THE PUB


Please vote for my friend and fellow country singer/songwriter CRAIG WAYNE BOYD from Nashville on the VOICE!! He has worked so hard touring for many years, and we run in the same circle in Nashville, and he's the real deal.  NO AUTO TUNE, NO BS, just real, raw, country talent!  



From a recent San Francisco Wedding, the Blushing Bride hired Erica Sunshine Lee's band to entertain their 200 guest wedding party, including music for the ceremony, and here's what the newlywed said: "She came fully prepared with all the tools, equipment, and talent to provide all the Audio needs you will ever need for a wedding! 
She played an acoustic song that we walked down the aisle to, then provided a microphone for the officiant to clearly perform his speech for a large outdoor wedding (170 pp.). 
Once dinner was over, her band rocked and kept everyone dancing all night long! Her voice is amazing, and her range of covers and originals are very comprehensive which to kept everyone happy! 
Highly recommended by myself, my new wife, and the numerous complements we received from our guest!! 5 stars!"

CLICK HERE TO READ MORE REVIEWS ABOUT ENTERTAINER ERICA SUNSHINE LEE and her band's performances at weddings featured in THE KNOT!


Chris and Lindsey Dancing photo


Another Groom says: "Erica is amazing. She will sing the songs that will match your wedding. She actually learned and played "our" song by Dave Matthews - 'You and Me'. And her version was awesome!We love her! Thanks so much!"

Christy and Tommy's Wedding


Congratulations to Georgia Country Awards' FEMALE ARTIST OF THE YEAR: ERICA SUNSHINE LEE

This past Saturday, The Georgia Country Awards were held at 120 Tavern in Marietta, Georgia, featuring performances by Georgia's own top country bands and artists. Congrats ga female country artist of the yearPhoto by Susan Munroe, Design by Emma Black #chunkydunkdownundertour

The winners from the 2014 Georgia Country Awards were:

Overall Artist of the Year - Thomas Fountain, Male Artist of the Year - Thomas Fountain,

Female Artist of the Year - Erica Sunshine Lee,

Band of the Year - Georgia Red Clay,

Traditional Artist of the Year - Scott Brantley 

Teen Artist of the Year - Madison Shea. 

Congratulations to all the winners, and the finalists, and thanks to for all the support for Georgia's own top country acts!


The industy award winners were: Small Venue of the Year - Wild Wing Cafe - Statesboro, Concert Venue of the Year - Phillips Arena - Atlanta, Country Bar of the Year - Electric Cowboy, Dance Venue of the Year - Electric Cowboy - Kennesaw, National Artist of the Year - Luke Bryan and Radio Station of the Year - The Bull - Atlanta. 

You can see pictures from the red carpet by clicking on the Photography By Dwight logo above 

Below were the FINALIST for each of the categories

Overall Artist of the Year Georgia Red Clay, Tiger Creek Band, Thomas Fountain, Megan Fowler & Laughlin

Male Artist of the Year Thomas Fountain, Tyler Hammond, Matt Pippin, Matt Rogers and Ryan West

Female Artist of the Year Sara Barbara, Megan Fowler, Gina Gailey, Cyrstal Hopkins, Erica Sunshine Lee and Amy Taylor

Duo, Trio or Band of the Year Georgia Red Clay, Kinafoochee Cowboys, Lauglin, Salazar, Ten Mile Creek and Tiger Creek Band

Teen Artist of the Year Madison Parks, Chyann Rose, Madison Shea, Trent Ewing, Paige McCauley and Peachy Pyron

Favorite Traditional Act of the Year Katie Deal, Scott Brantley, Jason Earl, Joe Olds, Stone Cold Country and Young America

Country Bar of the Year Bootleggers - Athens, Bootleggers - Savannah, Crazy Bull, Cowboy Bills, Coyotes and Electric Cowboy

Favorite Country Dance Venue Cowboy Bills, Coyotes, Electric Cowboy, Saddle Bags, Silverados and Outlaws Saloon

Small Venue of the Year Eddies Attic, The Gin, Pourhouse Ellijay, Wild Wing Cafe - Macon, Wild Wing Cafe - Statesboro and 120 Tavern & Music Hall

Large Venue of the Year Gwinnett Arena, Phillips Arena, Southern Ground Amphitheatre, Verizon Amphithearte, Wild Adventures and Wild Bills

Radio Station of the Year WDEN - Macon, The Bull - Atlanta, Kicks 101.5 Atlanta, WTIF - Tifton, Nash 96.5 Savannah and Z94.5 Baxley

Favorite National Artist of the Year Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Alan Jackson, Florida Georgia Line, Brantley Gilbert and Zac Brown Band

The Voting for the 2014 Georgia Country Awards has now ended. Be sure to attend the Awards show, Saturday, Nov 15th at The 120 Tavern & Music Hall in Marietta to see who wins. You can purchase tickets by returning to the home page and clicking on the awards poster. Thanks, GC