Artist Erica Sunshine Lee recently released her NEW EP titled “Southern Amendment” back in April of this year and I am very proud to write about this release. I realize that I’m a bit late with this review yet the EP is so good that I felt it was better late than never. Erica is making a name for herself in country music not only as a performer but also a very gifted song writer. The EP has a total of 5 songs on it that I must admit are all worthy of your listening time and well worth the spend of just $4.95 http://www.ericasunshinelee.com/ via I-Tunes.

I’ve worked with and known numerous artist over the years that had good work ethic and knowledge of the industry yet Erica ranks at the very top, thus why she is one of the many “who to watch” in country music.

The EP has her usual traditional style and is characterized by productions that feel beautifully organic for each song with a true and honest country style and spirit. This is not to say they are all as openly organic as “Mud On My Boots” or “Drinking and Praying” and for proof look at the arrangement of “Another Sad Love Song”. 

Usually, one has right to be concerned about the quality of vocals on country albums today; however, one thing that can always be assured by Erica is regardless of whether it be a sorrowful ballad “Another Sad Love Song” she sounds excellent.

Two of the best tracks are “Mud On My Boots” and “Girls With Guns”. “Drinking and Praying” has the distinction of being the most real life track on the album with a pulsating tempo that lends a sense of forgiveness...click here to read the full article!