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“Sunshine sounds like Lady A meets Leann Rimes w/ a dash of Faith Hill”

Southern Amendment is one release that certainly doesn’t disappoint. This is artist that brings to the table effective songwriting via a highly marketable musical delivery. This meshed with a one in a million country-rock sound and effective visuals and vocals makes for a very effective combination no doubt. Lee is just a breath away from modern folk or even singer-songwriter genera but skillfully and methodically never crosses the line into either realm. All songs are wonderfully simple but masterful in their overall arrangements. Very relatable and powerful stories, lyrics and subject matter. Music reminded me of a cross between Lady Antebellum and LeAnn Rimes with just a dash of Faith Hill. Mind you Lee is not just a pretty face, she is a very capable singer within her own right. During my research she is clearly doing all the right things as a Female country artist. This EP is quite entertaining overall with an amazing vocal front of Erica Sunshine Lee who is a musical triple threat in my mind. She is a world class songwriter; she has an amazing voice and has likeable appeal (visually and vocally). Her lyrical content is straight from the heart and offers a very strong and confident female perspective and spirit. This doesn’t mean many males won’t love her as well because I did. All song do exactly what they are meant to do via well-crafted movements and top tiered musicianship. The overall production value is superb with a crystal clear sound quality.

Most Marketable Tracks: Leaving Atlanta, Mud on my Boots, Girls with Guns.

Conclusion: Erica Sunshine Lee has proven herself again with this latest release. She is clearly an up and coming talent around Southern Georgia and all band members backing her up are clearly capable musicians. I must admit Southern Amendment sucked me in like a powerful drug and refused to let go long after the EP was over. This usually indicates he is something special about the artist or band in question. Thus deserving praise, recognition and musical fame at the international level.


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“This this is not just a labor of lust and testament to the classic Sex, Drugs and Rock n’ Roll, it’s a sweeping voluminous record that hits on many levels. Lee has taken a page from the script of many mega artists and turned it inside out, inside out and quite literally breathed a whole new life into this style of music. Instead of dated sounding songs and an obvious homage paid to the music and musical ideals of the past this is an action packed blast from the past that goes everywhere from country to full tilt rocking blues, and even Americana-Rock. This latest 5 Track collection delivers an uncharacteristic fusion of melodic vocals, and rock solid musicianship and production techniques, with a limber rhythm section that keeps the music loose yet powerful… and HIGHLY addictive and hooky…”
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Lee’s a breath of fresh air, robust, rugged, hard hitting, full and has character!”

“Lee’s vocals are a breath of fresh air; there are so many pop country female singers on the radio today that have super high registers and that yodel-like quality to their voices, not Erica Sunshine Lee. Lee’s voice is somewhat reminiscent of Shania Twain, it actually has presence to it, it is robust, rugged, and has way better performance in lower registers than most of the other female country singers on the market today. Instead of something airy and soft, Lee delivers a voice that is hard hitting, full, and most important to the sake of country music, sounds like it has actually been through the experiences the music talks about. What Lee’s vocals have in these tracks, no matter what type of song she is performing, is character. Modern country radio needs more character.” Click here to read full article:

– Owen Matheson, Band Blurb

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“Not your typical cup of Raman Noodles Country…”ESL’s SOUTHERN AMENDMENT is on the other side of the Bell Curve!

“Whereas most musical production these days are like a cup of Raman Noodles, this one is on the other side of the Bell shaped curve.” – Indie Artists Alliance, Nathan Lang on Erica Sunshine Lee’s 6th album, “SOUTHERN AMENDMENT” – full article…
SOUTHERN AMENDMENT contains raw stories about going to great lengths to protect what’s yours, whether it’s your lover, your home or yourself. This album has interwoven morals of redemption and forgiveness, and Erica Sunshine Lee’s point of view on staying together, being a strong female, independence as she sets out on the road, and personal insights to how hard it can be to hold onto a relationship, through life’s ups and downs. This southern belle has the right to remain silent, but speaks the truth, and believes in protecting her man, herself, and her belief in God.
The Review: Track 1 “Mud on My Boots” is a kind of a soapbox statement offering a true blue Country-Rock swagger leading you head first into Track 2 “Another Sad Love Song” – both intriguing anthems, that just seem to go stay with you long after the pieces have ran their course. The EP as a whole does a nice job at offering a wide variety of playing styles; some slow, some even keeled, some raw. All tracks are a welcomed return of good country and r&7b driven pop powerful in recent years from the likes of Little Big Town and Pistol Annies. Also present: powerful elements of today’s Female driven modern country. My favorite tracks are the ones that are powerful like “Leaving Atlanta” with a ring of raw truth to it. All songs present effective vocal performances from Lee, as she has a good vocal appeal. Why does she keep reminding me of Miranda Lambert? Erica Sushine Lee “walks the walk” and “looks the part” as well. Bring in the combination of good playing, solid heartfelt vocals, amazing production value and you come to understand why…
-Nathan Lang

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“THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN” (post South Carolina Flood)Lyrics video

Y’all please DONATE to the flood victims if you can (or send water)…please share this, and keep the South Carolina victims in your prayers as they get through this hard time…many lost everything…
“THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN” – Erica Sunshine Lee

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Artist Erica Sunshine Lee recently released her NEW EP titled “Southern Amendment” back in April of this year and I am very proud to write about this release. I realize that I’m a bit late with this review yet the EP is so good that I felt it was better late than never.

Erica is making a name for herself in country music not only as a performer but also a very gifted song writer. The EP has a total of 5 songs on it that I must admit are all worthy of your listening time and well worth the spend of just $4.95 http://www.ericasunshinelee.com/ via I-Tunes.

I’ve worked with and known numerous artist over the years that had good work ethic and knowledge of the industry yet Erica ranks at the very top, thus why she is one of the many “who to watch” in country music.

The EP has her usual traditional style and is characterized by productions that feel beautifully organic for each song with a true and honest country style and spirit. This is not to say they are all as openly organic as “Mud On My Boots” or “Drinking and Praying” and for proof look at the arrangement of “Another Sad Love Song”. 

Usually, one has right to be concerned about the quality of vocals on country albums today; however, one thing that can always be assured by Erica is regardless of whether it be a sorrowful ballad “Another Sad Love Song” she sounds excellent.

Two of the best tracks are “Mud On My Boots” and “Girls With Guns”. “Drinking and Praying” has the distinction of being the most real life track on the album with a pulsating tempo that lends a sense of forgiveness...click here to read the full article!



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Gashouse Radio says Erica Sunshine Lee is “a breath of fresh air”

Erica Sunshine Lee – Southern Amendment

URL: http://www.ericasunshinelee.com/

“Southern Amendment” EP by Erica Sunshine Lee was released in 2015. This is her 6th Studio Album to date. Straight away it’s clear an EP like this delivers an imaginative return to classic Americana-Country sung to us by a beautiful female with a girl next door persona. Also present are Country-Pop-driven melodies with the better musical touches of Americana-Pop. Lee reminds me of a cross between Trisha Yearwood and more cutting edge Kelly Clarkson and Miranda Lambert. Citing from her bio regarding this EP: SOUTHERN AMENDMENT contains raw stories about going to great lengths to protect what’s yours, whether it’s your lover, your home or yourself. This album has interwoven morals of redemption and forgiveness, and Erica Sunshine Lee’s point of view on staying together, being a strong female, independence as she sets out on the road, and personal insights to how hard it can be to hold onto a relationship, through life’s ups and downs. This southern belle has the right to remain silent, but speaks the truth, and believes in protecting her man, herself, and her belief in God.

Today’s music has many people feeling of bit of soullessness – how appropriate I get an EP like this. The album begins in hooky fashion with the magnificent grand slam opener ‘Mud on My Boots” which is a crisp raid on the senses, laden with hooks and impressive vocal delivery from Lee. The only surprise is that it wasn’t a single, as it is radio friendly of the highest order. ‘Another Sad Love Song” follows and is a pleasant journey through a wise life lesson. The harmonies beautifying what could have been a stark number.

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From the beginning to end “Southern Amendment” gives you a musical love/life anthem with a string of catchy songs and hooky “let it all hang out” vibe that will keep the listener entertained. Also present are messages that are uplifting and a vibe that is unmistakably vintage Erica Sunshine Lee….She provides and a warm and captivating vocal timbre overall. Country, Southern Fried Rock, Blues, and traditional Soul Rock even contemporary Singer/Songwriter. Some pieces I really like are the red hot opener “Mud on My Boots” with its amazing message, and “Another Sad Love Song” and “Guns with Girls” expand the possibilities for Lee as a possible radio hit in the making. If you like artists like Miranda Lambert to Faith Hill you will like Erica Sunshine Lee.
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BRAND NEW SONG “I DO” available now on iTunes, Amazon, and CDBaby!

Erica Sunshine Lee’s brand new single “I DO” is now available on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby and across the world.
For your personal copy, paypal $.99 to ericasunshinelee@gmail.com and receive your DOWNLOAD Directly!
“A sweet, sincere love song, that can be enjoyed at any style wedding around the globe.”
I DO iTunes Now Available-2
written by Erica Sunshine Lee, Produced by Mark Burch, Photo by Susan Munroe, & Artwork by Jerry Holthouse.

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Just as she’s always done, Erica Sunshine Lee mixes her southern roots country with power chords and power lyrics in her latest EP “Southern Amendment”.

This, Lee’s fifth studio album, may only be a five song EP, but every song on it is worth two in today’s world of female-less country music. Her hard-hitting lyrics mixed with attitude and fun make Lee one of the most successful independent female artists in country music. In 2014, she was named Georgia’s Female Artist of the Year, and this EP only justifies that accolade.

The first track of Southern Amendment is “Mud on My Boots”, a girl-gone-bad song of which many females can relate. The lyrics tell the story of a woman who finds her man and another woman cheating, but rather than be angry at her boyfriend/husband, she takes her anger out on the woman. “There’s two more bricks at the bottom of the lake…I got mud on my boots, blood on my hands, ain’t nobody gonna take my man” suggests she has given the woman a pair of new shoes – of the cement brand. Later in the song we learn she was caught in the act, and met her maker at the end of a 9-mm handgun before taking her final resting spot at the bottom of the lake.

The next song tells of a love on the rocks, but Lee is fighting to keep her love alive as much as the couple is fighting with one another. Becoming “Another Sad Love Song” is the where the relationship is headed, but not if she can help it. The lyrics take over in this one, and they don’t disappoint, “Here we go again, breaking up and then make amends. Knuckles turning white, I’m holding on for dear life…” hints that she’s holding on as tight as rodeo cowboys do their bulls. Based on the fact nobody thinks they’re gonna make it, if the love lasts longer than 8 seconds, she can call it a success.

Track 3 slows us way down, and Lee shows off her demanding vocals in “Leaving Atlanta”. Her smooth tone takes us on the trip from Atlanta to her destination in California. Her southern twang comes out most in the bridge, and the perfection is reminiscent of Sara Evans. This song keeps you coming back to it for those special vocals.

Picking up the pace a little bit in “Girls With Guns”, Lee takes us back to her attitude side. She really likes 9-mm handguns, apparently. “With aim like this, who needs mace?” Lee asks. I’m sure many women in the South can relate to their father teaching them to hunt and defend themselves. The guitar solo comes in just as the story progresses to someone breaking into the home, and the song climaxes when she gives the intruder one last warning:

“Don’t mess with Texas or girls with guns.” CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE…