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Erica Sunshine Lee performs @ SUMMERFEST “The World’s Largest Music Festival”

Erica Sunshine Lee Summerfest 2014David Nail, Kitten, Erica Sunshine Lee, Nora Collins heat up Summerfest Sunday



June 30, 2014

On the fifth day of Summerfest, June 29, it finally began to feel a bit like summer in Milwaukee at the lakefront with temperatures in the low to middle 80′s. As always, there was a wide mix of music available on the grounds stages and the Marcus Amphitheater was playing host to headliner Outkast. While attendance felt heavy and steady for a Sunday, it by no means felt uncomfortably crowded, which made for a comfortable walk between stages and easy access to food and beverages.

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Erica Sunshine Lee and her band also performed at the Uline Warehouse Stage, and despite having traveled far with little rest to make it to the gig, Erica was all smiles. One standout highlight of her set was “Drinking And Driving Me Crazy,” a track off her album, “I’m Still Me.” Headliner at the Uline stage David Nail recently released his third studio album which he titled, “I’m A Fire.” Nail’s set was a big draw to the stage on Sunday night with fans waiting patiently to hear his most recent number one song, “Whatever She’s Got.”

Summerfest is closed on Monday, June 30 and will reopen on Tuesday, July 1. Headliners for July 1 include OneRepublic, Kip Moore, Yonder Mountain String Band, Rusted Root and Los Lonely Boys among others.


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Erica Sunshine Lee @ The Great American Music Hall in SF July 24th!!!

CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS to see Erica Sunshine Lee’s band headlining at San Francisco’s oldest venue, The Great American Music Hall!  This legendary and ornate venue is a historical icon, and this will be Sunshine’s second time performing at GAMH.

Kicking off the night, is San Francisco’s own soulful singer/songwriter Lou Evans, followed by another rocking San Francisco local band, The Go Ahead, formerly Jesus and the Rabis, followed by Erica Sunshine Lee, who just scored her 3rd top 10 single in Europe, and has her newest single @ #95 on the Music Row Charts in the US.  Sunshine has toured internationally, performing and writing songs all over the world, and just released her 5th album, and is an extremely prolific songwriter, and Nashville Recording Artist.  With cuts on albums from Alabama to Australia, this southern belle and Georgia native writes songs about real life, romance, and her southern roots that relate to just about any person of any background.  From Thailand to Tennessee, she’s known as “The Hardest Working Woman in Country Music,” performing around 300 tour dates per year, and has written over 2000 songs.  Get your tickets now before this show sells out, it won’t be long until this artist hits the Grand Ole Opry and is winning Grammys!


- Julie Cathoir-Scott, Publicist

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Poster by Jerry Holthouse, Photo by Nina Gastreich

Nashville’s CMA FEST 2014 was an incredible week of major names in Country Music, and fans from all over the world travel thousands of miles to hear music from all walks of life, from honky tonks, to stages on the river, and acts at LP FIELD, meanwhile, country singer/songwriter Erica Sunshine Lee performs for her fans 6 shows, while recording her 6th album, writing new music, and recording her music video for her #16 song in Europe, and newly released single “GEORGIA FOR THIS” that just hit #95 on the US Music Row Charts. This is why “Sunshine” is called the “Hardest Working Woman in Country Music.” Erica Sunshine Lee is always innovating, writing, performing, promoting, and working harder than any musician I’ve ever met. It’s a true testament that hard work pays off, and with the success of her 5th album ‘The South Will Rise Again,’ labels, publishers, and fans are taking notice of her prolific songwriting abilities, after performing at the Annual Key West Songwriter’s Festival last month, Sunshine has created quite a buzz. With catchy and fun songs like “Chunky Dunk,” “The Walk of Shame” and “Redneck Riviera” in addition to her more serious emotional side of her music, with the title track “The South Will Rise Again” and “I’m Just Your Woman,” this up and coming artist is diverse and talented, and down-home country! Be on the lookout at the big stage next year at the CMA Fest for Georgia native, the bright and bubbly Erica Sunshine Lee.

ESL will be opening for David Nail at Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI on June 29th at 6:30pm.

Amanda Orsley
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ESL’s WORLD PREMIER of “YOU SAVED ME” Official Music Video shot in Australia

Erica Sunshine Lee releases her official music video for the duet she wrote with Australia’s Viper Creek Band Leader, Damien Baguley. After being named Australia’s Best New Country Band of the Year at the 2014 Australian Country Music Awards, The Viper Creek released “You Saved Me” and “My Summer Song” both songs written by Erica Sunshine Lee and Damien Baguley on their last EP.
With the release of “The South Will Rise Again,” Erica Sunshine Lee’s 5th studio album, she features the duet with Aussie Band and recorded the music video for the track in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. Video by Matt Gill.
Click here to check out more on The Viper Creek Band!

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ESL Releases 5th album @ 12th & Porter, Nashville, TN & Plays BMI Songwriter Festival

ESL Band@ 12th and porterAfter releasing her US debut single “Georgia For This,” Erica Sunshine Lee’s band puts on a killer show in Nashville, TN to celebrate the release of her 5th studio album “THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN.” Eric Lee Beddingfield put on an incredible acoustic show with a more intimate feel, playing his hit song “The Gospel According To Jones” and debuting new song “The Devil on Both Shoulders.” Then Erica Sunshine Lee’s band played songs off her new album, and threw in a few favorites from her previous albums, including “The Walk of Shame,” “Drinking and Driving Me Crazy”(her top 10 in Europe), and “Without You I’m Still Me.” The set was a journey from start to finish, combining older country, modern rocking country, and a little bluegrass, taking you on an emotional roller coaster of funny, heartfelt, sad, with good ole fashioned country music! Closing the night was the charming Leith Loftin, playing his upbeat songs “We Don’t Need No Party To Party,” and “50 years Too Late” written with Drake White.

Sunshine’s debut US single “Georgia For This” just moved up the Music Row Charts last week to #99!
She spent the month of April on her first US Radio tour performing in Hawaii, Missouri, Iowa, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama, Virginia, Maryland, DC, Pennsylvania, New York, and South Carolina.
Erica Sunshine Lee was also chosen to perform at BMI’s 2014 KEY WEST SONGWRITER’s Festival, performing alongside legendary songwriters such as Chuck Cannon, Doug Johnson, Kacey Musgraves, and Even Stevens in the select 100.

Making a splash at the Southernmost Pool Party with her song “Chunky Dunk,” Sunshine ended the show with a splash, jumping into the pool in front of hundreds of festival goers fully clothed! That was her highlight of the festival, along with performing right on the Southernmost Beach Cafe with local Key West songwriter Rusty Lemmons. For more info on the KEY WEST SONGWRITER’S FESTIVAL CLICK HERE.

Erica Sunshine Lee jet sets to perform on the west coast this week, followed by performing in her home state of Georgia the last three weekends of May (check tour dates @ www.EricaSunshineLee.com)
and then to perform in Mexico for a private wedding.

“I just love to play my songs and share them with people from all walks of life, it’s just a bonus when you get to play in paradise on the beach shaded by palm trees overlooking the perfect turquoise waters of Key West and Hawaii…it’s been a great month, I can’t complain.” – Erica Sunshine Lee

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Erica Sunshine Lee's 5th studio album

With the release of her 1st US Single, Erica Sunshine Lee’s song “Georgia For This” is catching attention across the US debuting on the Music Row Charts at #133, and she kicks off her US “GEORGIA FOR THIS” RADIO TOUR in Hawaii, where Makani in the Morning raves about her new single, and down home personality. Sunshine is called “The Hardest Working Woman in Country Music”, and there’s no question why, because of her uncompromising work ethic, prolific songwriting skills, and ability to capture any audience with her heartfelt ballads or with her sense of humor that shines in her catchy infectious hooks.

Sunshine tells the background story of her new single “GEORGIA FOR THIS.”
“I met Joe Denim through a mutual friend one night, and we got to jam at his house, a few months later when I got back into town (Nashville), I set up a writing appointment. Joe Denim is an incredible songwriter and a hilarious comedian, so we clicked right off the bat with our outgoing personalities. Sitting in my living room by Piercy Priest Lake, I was telling him about how I grew up in a small town in northeast Georgia, Elberton, the granite capital of the world, and after high school, I moved out to San Francisco. I was so different from my California friends who ate healthy salads, sushi, and avocado, and told him I’m much more of a fried catfish and steak kinda gal, and the song was born. Reminiscing about growing up and hanging out on Clark Hill Lake back near my hometown, and riding on my Papa Joe’s pontoon, enjoying a nice Atlanta staple, Cherry Coke…and the rest is history. I love my years spent in California, so it’s all tongue and cheek, because it’s now my 2nd home, but there’s nothing that can take the place of HOME. We worked up such an appetite that after we finished the song, we celebrated with some fried catfish over at PIRATE COVE, a restaurant at Elm Hill Marina near my home.”

From Honolulu, Hawaii, to Atlanta, Georgia, to Des Moines, Iowa, to Prairie Du Chien and Platteville, Wisconsin, and hitting up a total of 40 states, 100 radio stations in the next two months, this independent artist is a remarkable example of how hard work pays off. Request “GEORGIA FOR THIS” at your local country radio station, and support Georgia’s Rising Star, Erica Sunshine Lee!


Douglas Georgia’s Country Radio 106.7FM
Moby in the Morning, Atlanta, GA
KMGO – Centerville, Iowa
KBOE – Oskaloosa, Iowa
KLMG – Hampton, Iowa
KSMA – Mason City, Iowa
WQPC – Prairie Du Chien, WI
WGLR – Platteville, WI
Thunder 102, Liberty, NY
Hawaii’s Kickin’ Country
100.9FM the Farm
~Amanda Orsley, Orsley Entertainment

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Vote for Erica Sunshine Lee’s new single “Georgia For This” to be on New York Radio!!!

Erica Sunshine Lee’s new single “GEORGIA FOR THIS” hits the New York airwaves, vote now for her song in the FACEOFF!

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Erica Sunshine Lee debuts First US single on THE FARM RADIO

TRUE COUNTRY 100.9FM THE FARM, West Tennessee’s Country Radio featuring up close w/ Erica Sunshine Lee on her 5th album “THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN” live in the studio, playing “CHUNKY DUNK” 



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Indie Shark says “simple yet complex, amazing and dramatic album” for ESL’s 5th album~










Website: http://www.ericasunshinelee.com/

Genre: Country, Folk, Blues

Sounds Like: T

The Good: Good time vibe, songwriting, emotional depth and perspective, persona

The Bad: Nothing to report

The Ugly: Nothing to report

The Band: 5 out of 5

The Music: 4 out of 5

The Songs: 4 out of 5

The Vibe: 5 out of 5

The Production: 4 out of 5

The Verdict4 out of 5



The Review Nashville based Erica Sunshine Lee just released her latest 13 track album entitled “The South Will Rise Again.” Reading from her bio: Lee dished out edgy, controversial titles, catchy and infectious melodies and hooks, genuine country music, with a variety of styles, subjects from love, heartache, tragedy, rebuilding of towns, hearts and southern pride integrated with unfiltered, raw southern sass.

This is such a simple yet complex, amazing and dramatic album what else can I say? The South Will Rise Again by Erica Sunshine Lee is more than amazing and dramatic, it’s also a freaking blast to listen to. At times her writing style can be extremely honest and other times innocent and other times no holds barred. It has a very country quality to it as well. The intro track “Girls Night Out” gives you the impression as if you were in a Friday Night bar somewhere in Austin, Texas. The really upbeat, rebellious, emotional charged vocal/guitar combination really gets things revved up fast. The music is also reminiscent of acts such as Cheryl Wright, Jamie O’Neal, Rebeca Lynn Howard, Dixie Chicks, and Julie Roberts. Lee has a strong tonality foundation combining mesmerizing peak and valley rhythms, hypnotic guitar and spaced out Americana-Folkish-flair. The vocals from Lee are impressive. If these tracks were more rocked out I could hear maybe Cheryl Crow of even Heather Nova, Amanda Marshall, or even Bonnie Raitt. What’s more, without a doubt, it’s impossible to deny the superiority of this band and production team backing her up so well. The drums and the bass lines just help push the album forward, and the vibe, if you pay attention carefully, has a really good Old Time Country vibe to it. As the CD evolves it showcases some amazing moments like R&B, Country, and even Rock-Pop. This record also covers a lot of ground emotionally. On many these tracks there is a distinct mood assigned to each piece that will take you on a whirlwind musical adventure. In conclusion, here’s a CD release I’ve been dying to get my hands on. I was unable to stumble across her until today. Did I mention it’s also very passionate and a grand concept (13 tracks) that’s sure to get many peoples attention. From the production level, to the musicianship involved – it screams professionalism.

The Bottom Line In close “The South Will Rise Again” delivers in grand fashion. Let’s also give credit to the real talent behind all this shall? Erica Sunshine Lee’s superlative work ethic, signature sound via her trademark look and persona work terrifically well. “The South Will Rise Again” will keep you in a state of wonder from start to finish.

David Black edited by Markus Druery

Indieshark Music Critic







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“Erica Sunshine Lee does it Again! Solid Release, for old school and new listeners”Says Indie Mindy

Erica Sunshine Lee does it again

Posted on March 11, 2014 by mrhodes


Erica Sunshine Lee – The South Will Rise Again

REVERBNATION: http://www.reverbnation.com/EricaSunshineLee

Score 4/5 Stars

(GEORGIA) Erica Sunshine Lee just released her latest CD entitled “The South Will Rise Again.” Reading her bio she is from Georgia but now resides in Nashville.

After writing over 65 songs with Australian artists on her first tour in 2012, Erica Sunshine Lee returns to tour in Australia at the famous Tamworth Country Music Festival this January, promoting her 5th studio album “THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN,” featuring her duet written with Australia’s VIPER CREEK BAND’s lead singer Damien Baguley.  Music is undeniably modern-day country. Lyrics inspired by ordinary experiences, nature, and an adventurous spirit round out this 13 track CD. While the deep soulful lyrics and impressive musical talent seem to reach far beyond Lee’s experiences, there’s an unmistakable and pulsating youthful energy permeates her songs. There is a certain fearlessness in the music, a diving in and pushing forward that reflect another side of this multi-talented young artist.

The CD stars off with “Girls Night Out” which smooth harmonies, inviting rhythm section and a captivating yet consistent vocal performance from Latham. Being a professional event planner, I cannot get out of my head the idea that many tracks on this CD filling almost any country function. All songs on “The South Will Rise Again” have a whimsical fun and carefree feel that makes the world seem right but there’s an underlying sense of hope that your future looks brighter than your past. Just when you think you got this gal down you get blindsided by more songwriting depth. This leads us right into some of my favorite tracks on the CD “Maybe That’s When You’ll Notice,” “All I can Give” and “You Saved Me.” Lee delivers in grand fashion via short but sweet messages, but still possessing a powerful style and grace. Not only is Lee a capable guitarist, her contribution to the writing and arrangements of all these songs is of paramount importance. I’ve seen videos of Lee performing songs in an up close and personal setting. This is where true talent either flourishes and fails to show up. Here Lee delivers, which is to say nothing of the pervasive and contagious chemistry she shares with the other musicians present. As a whole the bad plays like a well oiled machine. I might add there are songs here for old school Country fans as well like myself. Indeed Lee probably aims to please new listeners as well as her songs are also placed in a near perfect arrangement – 13 solid pieces. Notable standouts for me are “Maybe That’s When You’ll Notice,” “Train Wreck” and the title track. Honorable mentions go out to “the title track and “Holller if You’re Blue Collar.”

“The South Will Rise Again” CD as a whole provides a wonderful environment and fun and festive musical setting to listen. Also present musical ambience straight from the heart. Another hit for me is “Drinking for Two” a great statement. Erica Sunshine Lee reminds me of Delta Goodrem, Trish Yearwood, Lee Ann Womack and at times Patty Loveless and Reba Macintyre. The South Will Rise Again” is a solid release that upholds the classic Americana-folk-country and jam band standard. Erica Sunshine Lee does it again.

Buy CD: http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/EricaSunshineLee

Karen Johnson. Approved by Mindy McCall

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