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Nashville Recording Artist, Producer & Singer/songwriter with a country heart, gypsy soul and a rock and roll attitude.
— Orsley Entertainment

 Country Music Singer/Songwriter and Nashville Recording Artist Erica Sunshine Lee has earned the reputation of "Hardest Working Woman in Country Music” due to her uncompromising work ethic, established during her up-bringing in northeast Georgia. Musically, Erica’s new album “Buried Treasure” is reminiscent of a female Jimmy Buffett that sweeps you away with a feel-good pop-country vibe and will have you singing along, wishing you were sipping a mojito in paradise.  With her captivating songs and a truly engaging personality, Erica travels the world, gaining new fans in every city, state and country she plays in. 



Check out Erica Sunshine Lee’s new EP, Ready, now available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

Be sure to check out Erica Sunshine Lee’s next single, Nobody Wins in Vegas is available to download now!

GET YOUR SIGNED COPY NOW! Erica Sunshine Lee is now a published children’s author. Her first book, Butterfly is now available!




 Instagram @ericasunshinelee



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