Erica Sunshine Lee releases new EP "SOUTHERN AMENDMENT"

Erica Sunshine Lee exercises her right to speech and bear arms in her new "SOUTHERN AMENDMENT" EP(the GA Country Female Artist of the Year's 6th album), featuring her fan favorite "GIRLS WITH GUNS."  The southern rock grit brings to life her real country upbringing, taunting trespassers to BEWARE if they DARE!  The album kicks off with an uptempo rocking banjo number about jealousy and pushing a wife over the edge to do whatever she has to do, including kill, to keep her man.  The catchiness and 'danceability' of track two is undeniable, where Lee brilliantly claims she wants to work it out and hang on to love, no matter what she has to do, because she doesn't want to become 'Another Sad Love Song.'  Leaving Atlanta is a somber ballad that can bring tears to even the most stone cold soul, as she loads down her car to head out west, but is torn between her past and future.

Girls with Guns would make any Texan proud, and any female for that matter, to defend themselves, and, not that Sunshine is claiming violence, but rather the need to protect her home and herself at all costs.  This well rounded EP concludes with an exceptionally honest country tune, bearing all, and her vulnerability with alcohol, stating she had begun to lean on the bottle instead of the Bible, after some years of straying to a less than reliable source, and has now turned her focus back to God.  Erica Sunshine Lee is a true prolific songwriter, bringing meaning in every word and soul in every note, captivating the essence of a story, which is what country music is all about, right?

Download "SOUTHERN AMENDMENT" now on iTunes and listen to what country radio has been missing!

~Orsley Entertainment