Lee's a breath of fresh air, robust, rugged, hard hitting, full and has character!"

"Lee’s vocals are a breath of fresh air; there are so many pop country female singers on the radio today that have super high registers and that yodel-like quality to their voices, not Erica Sunshine Lee. Lee’s voice is somewhat reminiscent of Shania Twain, it actually has presence to it, it is robust, rugged, and has way better performance in lower registers than most of the other female country singers on the market today. Instead of something airy and soft, Lee delivers a voice that is hard hitting, full, and most important to the sake of country music, sounds like it has actually been through the experiences the music talks about. What Lee’s vocals have in these tracks, no matter what type of song she is performing, is character. Modern country radio needs more character." Click here to read full article:http://www.bandblurb.com/erica-sunshine-lee/

- Owen Matheson, Band Blurb