I know this is not the normal post that I write here, usually it's about what photo sets I've been on and things like that, but I thought this girl deserved a whole post of her own.  Miss Erica Sunshine Lee is a singer/songwriter that I had the pleasure of meeting a few weeks ago and I also was able to hear quite a few of her songs performed live.  She is not only an incredible songwriter, but she is also a fantastic performer!  More about that in a minute....

She is releasing her 5th album this Friday night at the Great American Music Hall (THAT'S HUGE!) and I needed to not only give her a shout out but also wanted to tell all of you San Fran peeps to get out there to her show on Friday night!!!

Like I said, I have had the pleasure of hearing quite a few tracks on this upcoming album and I am blown away by how she can write such deep, heartfelt lyrics that have you tearing at any heart string available and then in the next song you're hit with a light-hearted melody perfect for any summer day.  Her ability to relive a moment and share it's intimate entirety with you, the listener, is a talent that isn't seen often enough.  She is also BRILLIANTLY talented at bringing the most comical situations to life and making them relate-able to just about any person on this planet and breathing.   Read the titles of her songs and you may get what I'm meaning. :)  She writes outside the box.  Perfectly her.  Perfectly refreshing.

I tell you all of this, because

1: you should absolutely check out her new album on itunes this Friday Nov. 29th

2: Buy tickets to her show (OR if you're NOT in San Francisco, then buy some tickets for your friends as a gift and I PROMISE they will not be disappointed.)

3. If neither of those options are feasible for you, then check out this official music video and you'll see how freaking adorable she is and then you'll want to go to her show.

4. I just love supporting brilliant musicians who create the beautiful music that makes the world go round!


For more information about Erica's music, photo's, merchandise and tour schedule, please visit