Erica Sunshine Lee to release 5th album "THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN" @ The Georgia Theatre

After the Georgia Theatre burned down June 19, 2009, Erica Sunshine Lee's hopes of ever playing at this legendary venue were in ashes, and 4 short years later, the Theatre has been rebuilt, and she will be releasing her 5th album "THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN" at this risen legendary venue.   Sunshine said "This is a monumental mark in my music career, and I'm so excited to co-bill with Daniel Lee Band, also of Georgia who will be debuting his new show for 2014.  Kicking off the night will be my favorite female Georgia singer Ashley Rivera, who co-wrote my song "GIRLS WITH GUNS" just hours after I totaled my car when driving through the tornado in Adairsville earlier this year, January 31st.  The horrible natural disasters that have destroyed so much of Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Oklahoma over the past few years have been heavy on my heart, and this album is a tribute to all the people in the south who have come together to rebuild after such devastation.  I love being from a small town and having southern heritage that represents centuries of southern hospitality, faith in God, and belief that helping other people is still a vital part of our human duty.  The Otherside of Homer will also be performing, and I cannot wait to share this new album with all my friends and fans throughout the southeast, where I was born and raised in 'The Granite Capital of the World," 35 miles east of my favorite SEC team, The University of Georgia.  My UGA fight song "How 'Bout Them Dawgs" is on the new album, so I can't wait to share this will all the other Bulldog fans!" ESL Press Release releases 5th album @ Georgia Theatre Dec. 28

Photos by Warne Riker, Susan Munroe, Mark Parsons, & Nolan Terrabone