Erica Sunshine Lee releases BRAND NEW SINGLE "MUSTARD SEED" on country radio!

Erica Sunshine Lee hits her radio tour hard in 2017 with her brand new single "Mustard Seed" off of her 7th studio album "ELIXIR."   Sunshine tells the story behind the song:

"When I saw my cousin and her husband struggle for over 5 years trying to have a baby, it was heartbreaking, but to see their faith remain strong throughout the ups and downs was one of the most inspiring testimonies I've ever seen.  I heard that doctors had told them for years they wouldn't be able to have a baby, yet they never gave up hoping and praying for a miracle.  Now, they have not only 1, but 2 healthy baby boys, and it just proved to me more than ever, God is still listening, and can bless us through tragedies, and anything is possible through Him with even just the faith of a mustard seed."  - Erica Sunshine Lee


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