"ELIXIR" by Erica Sunshine Lee cures all! (ALBUM REVIEWS)


"The seventh album from Erica Sunshine Lee, Elixir, is another scintillating entry in the Georgia-born singer/songwriter’s growing catalog of Deep South musical achievements. The best thing about Lee as a performer and recording artist, oddly, isn’t her intense identification with her heritage and regionalism – instead, it’s that she can retain these important personal qualities while still writing and performing music that extends far past the confines of her autobiography. The fifteen songs on her latest album will win her new converts and strongly resonate with the growing fan base she’s accumulated with each new release. She’s equal parts playful, whip smart, introspective, sexual, and always intensely musical...." click here for the full article.  



"The southern flavor of this collection is impossible to ignore. It would be even if Lee didn’t make a big deal about her regional roots. However, none of the regional flavor heard in Erica Sunshine Lee’s music prevents listeners from different areas getting into her music. The subject matter of her songwriting has universal appeal and even her most personal concerns have an overarching common theme of humanity that any feeling person will respond to." - Click here for the full article!


"If listeners expect Erica Sunshine Lee to be slowing down after seven albums, they are quite mistaken. Her seventh studio release Elixir is a fifteen song set that finds her as inspired and committed to great music as ever before. Her voice has an imposing amount of gusto on every song and it isn’t difficult to imagine her wanting to slump into a deep chair and rest, covered in sweat, after every performance. This sort of commitment to getting a song across to the audience and communicating isn’t easy to find in the modern landscape. Erica Sunshine Lee sounds like she is with every word on Elixir and, regardless if she’s singing about Jesus or drinking, she brings a tremendous amount of passion to bear and more than a little musicality. The result is a collection that’s sure to entertain longtime fans of the genre, but likewise will reach across the musical boundaries and draw fans into the music who might not otherwise listen to country or its rock influenced variations..." Click here for the full article. 


Erica Sunshine Lee has been making a steady climb towards widespread stardom for some time now and the rewards have been ample. She is constantly working as a musician and songwriter making numerous live appearances across the nation and internationally while maintaining an active recording career that has produced seven studio albums. Her most recent release Elixir is an impressive sixteen song effort that reinforces her strengths while showing as many sides as possible to this versatile performer on the widest possible canvas. Some of these tracks are raucous, some thoughtful, and others concentrate on her deceptively expansive skills as a storyteller within the country music condition. There’s something in the water down south and it’s definitely seeped into every part of Erica Sunshine Lee’s being. http://newsroom.indiemunity.com/2016/12/erica-sunshine-lee-elixir/


Erica Sunshine Lee’s songwriting and performing style is wonderfully dramatic and can’t help but be filled with the myriad of contrasts in her own character. She has tremendous vim and vigor, a rock and roll spirit that loves passionately and wants to raise a little hell. She’s also enormously sentimental about her upbringing and has a strong connection with the spiritual side of her personality. The musical arrangements and backing accompanying Elixir’s fifteen songs are largely cut from the classic country cloth, but many of them are further enlivened by rock music’s influence over her musical imagination. She has deceptively flexible talents as a singer – Lee’s equally at home with the rockier material as she is the country and her ability to emote and dramatize her lyrical content never wavers...(Click here for the full article: http://gashouseradio.com/2016/12/erica-sunshine-lee-elixir/  )


Erica Sunshine Lee is a musical powerhouse who’s earned a tremendous amount of respect over the course of six studio albums and thousands of live performances but, despite those enormous achievements, she hasn’t yet completely realized her unique talents. It changes with the release of her seventh studio album Elixir. The follow up to 2015’s Southern Amendment has every bit as much swagger as Lee’s earlier work, but there are other areas where she shows real growth as a performer and songwriter. There are a small assortment of ballads among the album’s fifteen songs that approach that songwriting style from varying points of view, bluesy country rockers borrowing liberally from the past yet infusing it with a touch of the personal, acoustic singer/songwriter styled material, and highly atmospheric numbers that show greater artfulness than Lee has shown before. The production has a visceral quality engaging the listener on every song.... ( Click here for the full article:  http://www.bandblurb.com/erica-sunshine-lee-elixir/ )


Razorfish Reviews:

Erica Sunshine Lee is both an artist and a performer. The fifteen songs on her latest studio release Elixir cover a big range of personal experiences and points of view. She wrestles with faith, substances, and her emotions, but she also exults in each of these things at certain points. She indulges a love for storytelling that likely runs through her Georgia blood and proves herself quite capable of bringing an assortment of hard luck voices and characters to vivid life thanks to the quality of her voice and the top notch musical collaborators she’s surrounded herself with. Seven studio albums and countless live performances over the years have honed Lee’s talents to a fine edge – a jagged, soulful edge. Longtime fans and potential new ones will be bowled over by the level of quality and superb production on this release.  (Click here for the full article: http://razorfishreviews.blogspot.com/2016/12/erica-sunshine-lee.html )



Elixir, the follow-up to her last studio album Southern Amendment, is another stellar entry in Erica Sunshine Lee’s growing discography of top flight rock infused country music. The fifteen songs on her latest album veer from raucous country rockers with a bluesy spirit all of the way to spiritually minded songs that brood over her connection to higher powers and His place in her life. Stylishness pervades over both types of songs. The raucous country rockers are never too dumbed down; Lee and her accompanying musicians play those cuts with skill and a generous amount of inspiration considering that the songs aren’t particularly taxing from a technical point of view. Enthusiasm for what you’re playing is irreplaceable. The spiritual songs never beat listeners over the head with their convictions; instead, they come from a much more personal place and have no real agenda beyond communicating the performer’s heart. The album’s overall production gives these songs an excellent presentation that gives Elixir a virtual guarantee to please the hardcore devotees while positioning itself to appeal to a much larger audience....click here for the full article: (http://carlitosmusicblog.blogspot.com )