Indie Shark says "simple yet complex, amazing and dramatic album" for ESL's 5th album~











Genre: Country, Folk, Blues

Sounds Like: T

The Good: Good time vibe, songwriting, emotional depth and perspective, persona

The Bad: Nothing to report

The Ugly: Nothing to report

The Band: 5 out of 5

The Music: 4 out of 5

The Songs: 4 out of 5

The Vibe: 5 out of 5

The Production: 4 out of 5

The Verdict4 out of 5



The Review Nashville based Erica Sunshine Lee just released her latest 13 track album entitled “The South Will Rise Again.” Reading from her bio: Lee dished out edgy, controversial titles, catchy and infectious melodies and hooks, genuine country music, with a variety of styles, subjects from love, heartache, tragedy, rebuilding of towns, hearts and southern pride integrated with unfiltered, raw southern sass.

This is such a simple yet complex, amazing and dramatic album what else can I say? The South Will Rise Again by Erica Sunshine Lee is more than amazing and dramatic, it’s also a freaking blast to listen to. At times her writing style can be extremely honest and other times innocent and other times no holds barred. It has a very country quality to it as well. The intro track “Girls Night Out” gives you the impression as if you were in a Friday Night bar somewhere in Austin, Texas. The really upbeat, rebellious, emotional charged vocal/guitar combination really gets things revved up fast. The music is also reminiscent of acts such as Cheryl Wright, Jamie O’Neal, Rebeca Lynn Howard, Dixie Chicks, and Julie Roberts. Lee has a strong tonality foundation combining mesmerizing peak and valley rhythms, hypnotic guitar and spaced out Americana-Folkish-flair. The vocals from Lee are impressive. If these tracks were more rocked out I could hear maybe Cheryl Crow of even Heather Nova, Amanda Marshall, or even Bonnie Raitt. What’s more, without a doubt, it’s impossible to deny the superiority of this band and production team backing her up so well. The drums and the bass lines just help push the album forward, and the vibe, if you pay attention carefully, has a really good Old Time Country vibe to it. As the CD evolves it showcases some amazing moments like R&B, Country, and even Rock-Pop. This record also covers a lot of ground emotionally. On many these tracks there is a distinct mood assigned to each piece that will take you on a whirlwind musical adventure. In conclusion, here’s a CD release I’ve been dying to get my hands on. I was unable to stumble across her until today. Did I mention it’s also very passionate and a grand concept (13 tracks) that’s sure to get many peoples attention. From the production level, to the musicianship involved - it screams professionalism.

The Bottom Line In close "The South Will Rise Again” delivers in grand fashion. Let’s also give credit to the real talent behind all this shall? Erica Sunshine Lee’s superlative work ethic, signature sound via her trademark look and persona work terrifically well. “The South Will Rise Again” will keep you in a state of wonder from start to finish.

David Black edited by Markus Druery

Indieshark Music Critic







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