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Let the Sunshine. August 14, 2013 by www.nashvilleman.me There are hard working musicians all over the world, including hundreds here in Nashville, and then there is Erica Sunshine Lee, the hardest working woman in country music today.

Our good friend friend, Erica, has earned that distinction, because of her no hols barred approach to making and playing her music anywhere and everywhere people will pay to hear it. Although based here in Nashville, she doesn’t spend a whole lot of time here, and the reasons are easy to understand. Unless you have a publishing deal or are signed to a major label or are a studio musician or part of a major act, the ability to actually make a living playing in this town is down right difficult, if not impossible with out help from home, roommates, a supportive significant other or a supportive side job, any of which can be a distraction, and none of which Miss Lee relies on. There are hundreds of talented artists that fill the Honky Tonks and other venues almost around the clock, but unlike say, Las Vegas, where the bands are paid a pretty reasonable stipend, here, you play for tips, and maybe part of the door if you’re one of the more compelling acts on the circuit. Have you ever tried paying rent or making a car payment based on tips you may or may not get from a few shows a week? It’s not for the faint of heart, I promise you. So Erica, with an uncompromising work ethic established during her upbringing in rural Georgia, pushes, plies, drives and flies to the enclaves she’s established where she can profit from her incredibly genuine talent. p (14)Returning soon from a successful west coast swing to her native Georgia; where she’s sure to fire up those “dawgs”, she’ll make it back to Nashville, and then, no doubt, she’ll be summering down under where a fervent following awaits. I mean this is truly an undiscovered star with a unique world wide following. Think it’s easy selling that classic country sound in San Francisco or Auckland? It is much more so when it’s attached to an engaging performer with a truly infectious personality. But it’s not just the travel that helps earn her the title of “hardest working”, it’s what she does in between the multitude of gigs she personally arranges. The studio sessions, video production, networking, booking, publicity, social media management and countless other tasks that facilitate her career are accomplished almost entirely by her. Frankly, she deserves well intentioned; professional management from someone who recognizes opportunity. Note to my friends in that business – what are you waiting for....(CLICK HERE TO VIEW ENTIRE ARTICLE)

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