Eastaboga Bee Company endorses Erica Sunshine Lee

  Eastaboga Bee Companyhttp://www.eastabogabeecompany.com/ Erica Sunshine Lee is now endorsed by Alabama's own Eastaboga Bee Company~

"Y'all try the lip balm, it's the bomb Balm!" ~ Erica Sunshine Lee

"Be on the lookout for my favorite Estaboga product, "KICK ASH LOTION", personally named by....ME!" ~Erica Sunshine Lee



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The Tractor & The Tree


How Heritage Became The Symbol Of Unwavering Quality

What does an antique Oliver Tractor, with a tree growing through the middle of it, have in common with a bee company? Justin Hill, Founder of the Eastaboga Bee Company, says it's the opening chapter to the story of his family history. "The love of farming in my family comes from generations back," says Hill.  "That Oliver Tractor with the tree growing out of it is the foremost symbol of my Great Grandfather, Elvin Hill.  It marks the beginning of my family’s history of farming in Alabama." 

As the story goes, Elvin Hill farmed the lands across East Central Alabama in the late 1800s.  After a long hard day of working the fields, Elvin parked his Oliver Tractor and returned home for dinner.  Before the meal could be served, Elvin Hill suffered a fatal heart attack.


The grieving Hill family left that Oliver Tractor in the spot where Elvin had parked it.  It served as a monument of sorts, which represents the last life act of a great man and the leader of the Hill family.  As the months past, a small tree began to sprout from underneath.  Through the years, the tree continued to grow, committing the Oliver Tractor to the very ground it was parked on.


Three generations later, Elvin's Great Grandson Justin is still farming that same land in Eastaboga, Alabama.  The tree and tractor are still there to this very day!


Recognizing a needed niche in the local market for quality honey products, Justin expanded part of the farm into a bee business.  One afternoon Justin was resting on a hill that overlooked the land his family had farmed for the past four generations, when his eye caught a glimpse of that good ole' belt driven Oliver Tractor that his Great Grandfather parked so many years back.  The tree that had sprouted from underneath was now full grown. To pay homage to his family history and legacy, Justin decided to make that tractor and tree the logo for the new company.


..And that's how an antique Oliver Tractor with a tree growing through it became such an indelible symbol for the Eastaboga Bee Company!


Eastaboga Bee Company - 340 Stage Road - Lincoln, Alabama