CLICK HERE TO VOTE! The 2013 Georgia Country Awards honors the best in country music in Georgia. It will be held November 9th at The 120 Tavern & Music Hall in Marietta.

The GC Awards has several categories: Male Artist of the Year, Female Artist of the Year and Duo or Band of the Year. We also have Teen Artist of the Year. (Teen Artist of the Year will not be voted on). There is also the coveted OutWrite Music Award for Artist of the Year. This award is NOT voted on by the fans. The GC Awards Panel will vote on which act that they have felt have done the most to further their career this year. There is also the "Industry Awards" that is 100% fan voted on: Country Bar of the Year, Large Music Venue of the Year, Small Music Venue of the Year and Radio Station of the Year.

Rules for nominees: 1. You are an ACTIVE country music artist (Meaning you regularly have shows or did in 2013 and these shows are IN Georgia.) 2. You define yourself as a "Country Act". 3. You are based or live in Georgia. (Any act that has moved to Nashville in 2013 will not meet these guidelines. If an act moves to Nashville during the voting process, they will be eliminated).

If any act that is nominated by GC or the public, is found to not meet these guidelines, they will be removed from the ballot. Artist Category age requirements are that artist must be 18 by June 1st. (Any artist not 18 as of June 1st, will be considered a Teen Act.) All artist must be an active artist as of June 1st. (Once ballot is set, no new additions will be entered).

Voting will start on June 1st at noon. There will be 3 rounds, each lasting approx 6 weeks. During the first 2 weeks of the first round, new acts CAN be added to the ballot. If you are or know of an act that is not on the ballot and you would like to nominate, please email us with acts name and website link to We will review the nomination and if they qualify, they will be added to the ballot. This OPEN NOMINATION period will last only two weeks. Once this period ends, the ballot is then locked. No other acts can be nominated.

Voting will be done here on this page. Votes will be taken per "IP Address", meaning only ONE vote per device, such as pc, tablet or smart phone. You can vote on multiple devices as long as they are not on the same network. Example, from your home pc and your work pc. Please note, business pcs and WiFi areas CAN have the same IP Address. If someone has already voted from this address, you can not. (Note: If any act at any time is determined to be cheating the system, they will be eliminated from the ballot. No exceptions).

Single Artists of the Year Rules: If any group or band has a "band name" in their name, they will be nominated in the band category. Band name meaning name OTHER than someone in the band. Examples: The White Water Band would be in the Band of the Year category. The Jack Wilson Band would mean Jack Wilson would be in the Male Category. A band called Jack Wilson and The White Water Band would be in the Band Category.

If you are an active country act that meet the guidelines above, but new on the scene and feel you should be nominated, please email us at VOTE@GEORGIA-COUNTRY.COM, with your name, name of act and any websites or Facebook music pages, for verification. We will contact you back with verification or not.


To vote, go to ballot below. Only 1 vote per category is allowed. If you think a potential nominee is NOT on the ballot, please email us info of potential nominee. We'll contact you back if that nominee is added or not. Deadline for additional nominees will be noon, June 15th. If at any time, you feel that your pc has NOT voted but the ballot wont take your vote, you can WRITE in your vote to VOTE@GEORGIA-COUNTRY.COM

VOTING FOR THIS FIRST ROUND ENDS JULY 13TH AT NOON - We will periodically announce the LEADERS of the voting on GC Facebook, throughout the 6 weeks of the first round.