ESL's NEW EP "AIM" now available for PRE-ORDER

Sunshine seamlessly blends classic country with a modern pop country flare in hits like her new single “NOBODY WINS IN VEGAS,” with her flawless storytelling, her sassy attitude, and edgy lyrics. This catchy song about lover’s revenge allows the singer to experience Vegas like most people only dream about, winning the money and love in this fun adventure in sin city. The music and lyrics were written by Erica Sunshine Lee & Nick Deleo. Click here to watch the new music video “NOBODY WINS IN VEGAS.”

AIM features 6 new songs written by the Georgia Gypsy, including the Gambler’s favorite mentioned above:

1. Nobody Wins In Vegas (Lee/Deleo)

2. Make a Move (Gleason/Lee)

3. I’d Love to Love You (Lee)

4. One More Time (Lee/Summerville)

5. Maybe (Lee)

6. Think Again (Lee/Dekle)

These tunes are so unique, but all tied together with a raspy and unmistakeable southern voice of Sunshine, reminiscent of what some people classify her rasp as a countrier Stevie Nicks meets Dolly/Tanya Tucker. Sunshine combines rock, classic country and pop elements with some of the best session players in the world, (Brent Mason - Guitar, Buddy Hyatt - Keys, Mike Johnson/Scotty Sanders - Pedal Steel, Lonnie Wilson - and Gregg Lohman - Drums, Bobby Terry - acoustic guitar, and Grammy Winning Engineer - Zach Allen.) Aiming for new heights in this sequel to her “READY” release, Sunshine is touring the globe on her “Change the World Tour,” bringing hope and humor to all types of audiences from the beaches of Key West and California, to the countrysides of smaller towns across the US from literally coast to coast, Tropical Rock events around the country, and recently making appearances at women’s shelters and assisted living homes. “I know God gave me this gift so I can do more than sing at bars. I love my job, and I enjoy traveling the world and performing at venues of all shapes and sizes, but being able to share messages of redemption, healing from addiction, hope from misfortunate and tragedy, and encouragement for women to keep pushing despite their body image, confidence, and barrier issues to instead use their individuality for greatness. I’ve found this ‘pay it forward’ mentality and lifestyle is more rewarding than anything else I could ask for.”

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