TOP 6 Things I can't live without...

The top 6 things I cannot live without when I’m on the road traveling: (and no, this isn’t a paid advertisement!!)



  1. Neutrogena makeup wipes. I have to use waterproof mascara because when I’m on stage and off I sweat a lot and try to avoid the raccoon eyes. The downside to wearing waterproof mascara is the never-ending chore of taking my makeup off at the end of the night. However, I have found with Neutrogena wipes it makes the process much easier, and I’m not scrubbing my eyelids raw to get the eye makeup off. The nice thing about these is they’re portable and I can pack them in my purse and driving home from a show simply take my makeup off so that I don’t have to wait until I get home. This also saves a step in the bedtime process so that I can get to bed sooner, and because of my late night schedule it helps expedite the process and leaves me feeling refreshed (even if I don’t shower right before bed). It’s also handy as a clean wipe to keep in my purse anyway, just in case I get stranded and have to pop a squat in the middle of nowhere: this doubles great as a baby wipe. ;)

  2. Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner. I have thin, fine curly hair, and it can become a nightmare if gone too long without trying to tame the mane. I usually do not brush my hair frequently because of the curls, so instead I comb my hair in the shower, but with this rats nest I often get dreadlocks and cannot untangle them with a regular conditioner. So, the solution I have found is when I use Dove intensive repair conditioner, it gets my tangles out and does not cost a fortune. If I use most other conditioners, then my hair becomes unmanageable, dry and I look like a reggae artist instead of a country singer.

  3. Coconut oil – This helps for so many reasons! Especially when I have dry skin, cuts, rashes, bites, chapped lips, and doubles as a moisturizer for my face at night after I remove my make up. Coconut oil is natural, and I can also use this to cook with and serves so many great purposes. You can actually get the triple filtered coconut oil at Trader Joe’s and it does not have a strong coconut flavor, if you are cooking with it or do not want to smell like a beach - but I don’t personally mind smelling like a beach.

  4. My Water canteen - In a world where people are becoming more and more environmentally conscious, I have attempted to do my part by carrying a reusable Hydro flask. While there are many wonderful brands out there, I have thoroughly enjoyed my durable and solid Columbia brand water flask. It holds 21 ounces, is vacuum insulated, made of stainless and I can snap it with my carabiner to my backpack on any hike or trip and it makes it so much easier to refill water - instead of having single plastic usage, which I am trying to do away with all those (sometimes at venues it is hard to avoid.) Every little bit helps!

  5. A fun Koozie - who can’t resist a Redneck koozie??? Whether it’s to keep my beverages cool or make my friends laugh with the funny sayings on them, I’ve always loved holding my ice cold drinks with a “koozie,” “beer cooler,” “coolie” or whatever affectionate nickname you call it. They’re cheap foam, useful, easy to carry around in your purse or pocket, makes a great souvenir, and they always bring a smile to my face. Koozies always take me back to my childhood days on Clark Hill Lake in northeast Georgia, where my family collected them...and we have TONS!!! (And if you lose them, they’re only $5 to replace them over in the ESL STORE!)

  6. Pepper Spray - as a female traveler myself, I am always trying to be extra aware of my surroundings. However in this day in age, I think it is not only smart, but extremely necessary to have a little extra protection with you. I’ve had friends who were mugged, as well as attacked by animals while hiking, so I have a keychain with my pepper spray on it. In case I am hiking, walking to my car at night, or just want peace of mind, this small but mighty tool gives me more of a sense of safety in case the unexpected would happen...I already expect it.

What are your must have’s on the road while traveling, either business or pleasure??? Post on my instagram post @ericasunshinelee

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