Erica Sunshine Lee Headlines San Francisco's Oldest Venue GAMH


Erica Sunshine Lee headlines San Francisco's Oldest Venue: THE GREAT AMERICAN MUSIC HALL 



Thursday July 24th was an exciting night of great live music in San Francisco, kicking things off at the legendary Great American Music Hall, was Lou Evans, performing songs off his newest EP.  Wooing crowds with Lou's soulful voice, characterized by his signature low to high eyebrow raising range, Lou put on one hell of a show, with his fans there to support him, even singing Happy Birthday on stage for his little sister mid-set.

Then THE GO AHEAD, local San Francisco rock band took the stage, and rock is exactly what they did.  With lead singer Kyna Wise headbanging her long golden locks all over the stage, everybody's eyes in the crowd were glued to her magnetic energy.  Drummer Chris Cookies Kelly had the dynamic persona to match, as the bass player Alex Mamelok locked in the grooves.  The overall vibe made you feel like you were in a dark intimate rock club in L.A., and their songs would make even the least likely dancer to "shake their groove thang."  Lead guitarist Josh Hertz gave the songs texture and meaningful licks, with tasteful tone, and extremely sophisticated technique.


Third on stage was San Francisco's favorite bluegrass band, lead by Misisipi Mike, with pedal steel and fiddle to "beat the band."  With a solid mixture of classic country meets modern San Francisco hipster style bluegrass, the crowd was tickled pink.  He prepped the stage well for headliner & International touring act, country singer/songwriter Erica Sunshine Lee.


"Sunshine" sparkled with her smile in gold sequins and with her acoustic guitar and harmonica, showcasing her true talent and forte: her songwriting and spectacular captivating southern voice.  Taking the audience on a roller coaster from party songs, to riding on pontoons at the lake, hanging with friends, getting through a tough "Train Wreck" of a relationship, to poking a little fun at "San Francisco" and its familiar green smell, along with their affinity for Starbucks, the "walk of shame" down memory lane, and wrapping the night up with a little "South in your mouth."    The authenticity of each lyric is felt to the core, from the sweetest ballad to the most edgy rocking number, Erica Sunshine Lee's band brought it in the fullest sense of the term, leaving song after song imprinted in my mind, painting vivid pictures with her uniquely creative and catchy lyrics.  The crowd wanted more, so the encore they performed was a dark number "Mud On My Boots" about a wife getting a fatal revenge with a mistress, along with a fun groove singing about getting some action in a dirty motel, and topping off the perfect night with a little Led Zep's Stairway to Heaven.


So great to be entertained at a world class venue with these 4 distinctly different, yet complimentary styles in this Victorian ornate legendary space. San Francisco's diversity was honored and done justice by all who took the stage, and left us spectators hungry for more live music of this caliber.


~Scott Jules, Publicist


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