With the release of her 1st US Single, Erica Sunshine Lee's song "Georgia For This" is catching attention across the US debuting on the Music Row Charts at #133, and she kicks off her US "GEORGIA FOR THIS" RADIO TOUR in Hawaii, where Makani in the Morning raves about her new single, and down home personality. Sunshine is called "The Hardest Working Woman in Country Music", and there's no question why, because of her uncompromising work ethic, prolific songwriting skills, and ability to capture any audience with her heartfelt ballads or with her sense of humor that shines in her catchy infectious hooks. Sunshine tells the background story of her new single "GEORGIA FOR THIS." "I met Joe Denim through a mutual friend one night, and we got to jam at his house, a few months later when I got back into town (Nashville), I set up a writing appointment. Joe Denim is an incredible songwriter and a hilarious comedian, so we clicked right off the bat with our outgoing personalities. Sitting in my living room by Piercy Priest Lake, I was telling him about how I grew up in a small town in northeast Georgia, Elberton, the granite capital of the world, and after high school, I moved out to San Francisco. I was so different from my California friends who ate healthy salads, sushi, and avocado, and told him I'm much more of a fried catfish and steak kinda gal, and the song was born. Reminiscing about growing up and hanging out on Clark Hill Lake back near my hometown, and riding on my Papa Joe's pontoon, enjoying a nice Atlanta staple, Cherry Coke...and the rest is history. I love my years spent in California, so it's all tongue and cheek, because it's now my 2nd home, but there's nothing that can take the place of HOME. We worked up such an appetite that after we finished the song, we celebrated with some fried catfish over at PIRATE COVE, a restaurant at Elm Hill Marina near my home."

From Honolulu, Hawaii, to Atlanta, Georgia, to Des Moines, Iowa, to Prairie Du Chien and Platteville, Wisconsin, and hitting up a total of 40 states, 100 radio stations in the next two months, this independent artist is a remarkable example of how hard work pays off. Request "GEORGIA FOR THIS" at your local country radio station, and support Georgia's Rising Star, Erica Sunshine Lee!


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