Erica Sunshine Lee returns for 3rd AUSTRALIA TOUR "Down South To Down Under"

ESL 2014 australia tour posterAfter writing over 65 songs with Australian artists on her first tour in 2012, Erica Sunshine Lee returns to tour in Australia at the famous Tamworth Country Music Festival this January, promoting her 5th studio album "THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN," featuring her duet written with Australia's VIPER CREEK BAND's lead singer Damien Baguley.  Highlights of her last tour include being the only US artist to have performed at the Mildura Festival in 12 years, co-writing and performing with Australia's country King legend, Bill Chambers, father of Kasey Chambers, and touring with former Sony Artist Mitchell Shadlow. "Two years ago, I was in New Zealand touring.  I bought a plane ticket to go to Australia's largest country music festival.  I booked an interview at a radio station, and flew into Coffs Harbour, caught a ride to Tamworth, not knowing a soul, I ended up meeting almost every Australian artist that week, played 9 shows, sold 140 cds, and had the time of my life crashing on an air mattress at a stranger's RV in the middle of the Outback.  I can't wait to return to this awesome festival and share my new album and songs with all my Australian friends!"

ESL Australia Tour Dates 2014

Jan. 18 w/ Joe Maguires w/ Michael Edser
Jan. 21 @ Family Hotel 12-12:40pm
Jan. 22 @ Longyard Hotel 12-2pm
Jan. 23 @ Family Hotel 5-8pm
Jan. 25 @ Tamworth Golf Club 12-12:40pm
Jan. 26 @ "A Day On The Green" Newcastle, NSW @ Adamstown Bowling Club

Feb. 8 @ Shedrock, Cannons Creek, Melbourne

Feb. 9-16 New Zealand