EQUINE RESCUE CENTER FUNDRAISER, w/ Nashville Singer/Songwriter Erica Sunshine Lee


Upcoming events: ERC Annual Fundraiser 9/23 1-6pm Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds (please see attached flyer)

ERC booth Santa Cruz County Fair 9/11-9/16 at the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds (we need volunteers to work booth, parking and entry are free)

UPDATE: It has been a crazy ride. The move was challenging. We moved 52 horses in 6 days. Thank goodness we had amazing people to help. Thanks to Jimmy Cauley, Gabe Pimentel, Lyndie, Shayna, Randy, Ryan Orozco and Loise. This was our team, some did one load and some multiple. Each of them came with smiles on their faces and the let's get it done attitude. Thank you for your kind help and believing.

The cost of the move was horrendous!!! We paid six months in advance for the ranch we are on. The new site is fantastic, the equines have hundreds of grazable acreage. We have two herds; the main herd of 40 near the entrance of the ranch and the special needs herd of 16 next to my house. The month of July we adopted out seven horses!!!! Angel Little Bit Sassy Blue Bogie Ishi Trigger Knowing these horses have gone to good forever homes is the best feeling imaginable. We are really making an impact.

Our intern Megan Cramer has returned to live at the ERC and become my assistant. Having the help is incredible. She will be attending college starting in the fall 2012 her major is Equine Therapy. I am overjoyed to welcome her back.

We have taken in six horses since we arrived in Watsonville: Micah (25)Sanctuary, retiree Faith (12-15)Adoptable, from the Santa Cruz Animal Control - Neglect Case Hope (16-18)- Adoptable, from Santa Cruz Animal Control - Severe Neglect Case Tinker Pony (5) - Adoptable, was headed to kill buyer day we got her Sundance (12)- Sanctuary, was headed to kill buyer day we got him Starburst (2) - Adoptable, was headed to kill buyer day we got her

Unfortunately, we are turning horses away daily. It is painful but we must protect our current equines. Our goal is to stay at approximately 50-60 equines at one time.

We also have a holding area for emergency seizures for animal control and fire evacuations.

All of our equines are settling in. Some lost weight due to the stressful 3-4 hour drive and new environment. We are getting weight on them and working tirelessly to raise funds. We have applied for more grants. We need donations and sponsorships our move cost us over 25k, transport, 6 months rent up front and feed bill from previous site.

We are going to the B&B auction the first Sunday of August to rescue two slaughter bound equines. We have several pending adoptions and hope to get 5-6 out by September.

I am proud of this organization! We are really doing this, all of you are what keeps us going. The horses and donkeys can't say thank you so I will say it for them "Thank you"!!!!!

Today while I drove in Sammy came running over to my car as I drove thru the gate. He gave me the equivalent to the biggest hug. I threw my arms over his neck and held onto him for a couple minutes. It's his way of thanking me. Those moments are precious. I live for them!!!!

Please see attached flyer

Thank you for reading!!


Monica Hardeman, President & Founder Equine Rescue Center - a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Charitable Organization Tax ID# 26-4715747 Mailing Address:PO Box 444 Watsonville, CA 95077 Site Address: 1000 Vanoni Road Watsonville, CA 95076 Phone: 831-801-9805 Email: monica@equinerescuecenter.com Website: www.equinerescuecenter.com

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