Lee Williams of CMR Nashville gives rave reviews

I was sitting in a window seat at the Jimmy Buffett restaurant in Nashville, on a very hot night in June with the windows open. The streets were heaving with people, I was recognized by one of the leading PR girls in town, she came over to say hi, and then all of a sudden this very pretty girl came over and handed me a CD to take back to the UK. Well, the girl was Erica Sunshine Lee and the CD ‘The Walk Of Shame’. I took it back to the UK and was blown away when I put it in the CD player.

There are 10 tracks of self penned songs that would hold up to any current hit writer. A mixture of tempos makes it a structured balance of music to enjoy indoors, in the car, and especially on the radio. I would recommend this album to anyone to enjoy today’s country music at it’s best. Erica has written original sounding songs that will last forever. The track ‘What It Takes To Be A Country Man’ is getting airplay all over the USA and soon to become her first single to be released in Europe. THe album was recorded in Nashville with a host of the leading session players who have taken Erica’s songs and given her an album that she can take and be played anywhere, no walk of shame here. A must for anyone’s collection.

Lee Williams

CEO CMR Nashville Europe’s #1 Country Music Station and Django Promotions PR and Promotion Erica Sunshine Lee’s NEW SINGLE “What it takes to be a country man” to be released throughout Europe and Australia October 1, 2011